Friday, July 11, 2014

Colour Inspiration: Huichol Art from Mexico

This week, our colour inspiration is taking us to Mexico. Mexico is home to the Huichol or the Wixitari people who live predominantly in the states of Zacatecas, Nyarit and Jalisco. 

The Huichol people are well known for creating
beautiful multi-coloured yarn paintings and beadwork that we re created with symbols that date back centuries 

Great Examples of Huichol/Huichol inspired

Riot Girl of the Week: Kimberly Mccollin

Kimberly wearing  earrings
by Colour Riot Jewelry 
Today we're continuing our series on the fab women who wear Colour Riot Jewelry. Meet Kimberly.. 

Who are you in two sentences or less? What makes you, “you”?

Ha! This question is weird! But I always ask people what they like the most about me and they always say my funny, good natured personality. And that’s true. I bring humor to almost everything- it makes things lighter because it’s never that serious. But I’m no clown. Lol.

Describe your personal style?

I don‘t think I have a personal style. I just like what I like in any given moment and this can be influenced by current trends or not. It can also be influenced by who I think is hot at the time! Like right now im really feeling Kim K’s classy, sleek look and well I’ve always loved Rihanna’s risky, but sexy, confident style.

But generally, I love colour and print; bright colours to be exact. My base colour is gold as I usually style my outfit around it. Don’t really like silver too much. Gold to me is glam. I hate blue though, I don’t wear it and I don’t know why.

With regard to accessories, I love big. I prefer big earrings to a big chain any day.

What's the thing that you're most passionate about right now?

Politics. I just have this burning feeling in my chest to contribute and make this place that I love so much better for everyone. It hurts me to see us degenerate in this way as a people. I really think that we deserve better and we are better than that.

What's your mantra for life? What words do you live by?

You have to do what you HAVE to do. I do things that I don’t always like doing, like saving lol, but I HAVE to do it so I make sure and do it.

Be happy. There are people who have less than I have and are happy anyway. That really gets me going

This may sound cliché but I also really like YOLO. This is what guides me when I doubt myself on things I want to do; like travelling, trying new food and taking risks.

Why do you love Colour Riot Jewelry?
Kimberly's custom bangles
by Colour Riot Jewelry

I love the colour and the print! Those two things are what catch my eye when I look for clothing and accessories. Colour Riot is awesome because it combines the two. I also like that’s it not uniform in any way. The bangles vary in size, texture and print and I think that makes them exciting.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Keep making more stuff girl! Colour Riot rocks!  

Friday, June 27, 2014

Riot Girl of The Week: Ain Earle

Ain wearing Colour Riot Jewelry
during T&T Carnival 2014

Today, we're starting a new series where we spotlight some of the fabulous women who rock Colour Riot Jewelry. First up, we have Ain Earle from Trinidad and Tobago. 

Who are you in two sentences or less? What makes you, “you”?
Ain wearing custom earrings by
Colour Riot Jewelry

Ain Earle, a strong minded, unique and passionate individual. I'm tourism & hospitality trained and
an avid enthusiast of culinary, culture, fashion and event management

Describe your personal style?

I would say my personal style is whatever I feel comfortable in and makes me stand out, I’m not one to fit into the crowd so I don’t wear many trends but try to add my own touches to pieces to make them unique. I tend to go toward boho-chic sometimes afrocentric pieces that are different to the usual styles - always something that catches my eye.

What's the thing that you're most passionate about right now?

 Well I just started a new job where I am involved in events and marketing which are two things I am very passionate about especially in the field of tourism. So I'm truly grateful for that.

However, one project that some friends (Emma Hiscock and Stephanie Rydle) and I just embarked on is a local fashion market called Racked TT that is happening July 6th at the Verandah Restaurant. 

We created Racked to create awareness of the local talent that we have in the fashion industry. Many designers have such great products but no real avenue for showcasing it and generating sales. We wanted to encourage designers and producers to connect and market their brands to retailers and customers through an engaging avenue. There are many markets hosting food and craft products but none for just fashion. This is what Racked will do!

We also want to encourage emerging designers of both clothing and jewellery/accessories to ensure that their products are of a high standard to and that they are always producing and creating quality products for their clients, both new and return.

What's your mantra for life? What words do you live by?

Carpe Diem and Live, Love, Laugh, Learn!

Anything else you'd like to add?

I consider myself a Colour Riot Girl as I know what I want and I go for it. I can be bold and exciting when needed and that’s how I view the Color Riot brand and product. It’s bold, unique, full of colour and excitement. It compliments my casual/social wear and adds a pop to my work-wear too. I truly appreciate and love these pieces of art (wish I can buy them all )

Tune in next week where we'll be showcasing another Riot Girl on the blog! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

#throwbackthursday First Photoshoot....

Today, I found myself thinking back to the first time I ever got my work professionally photographed circa 2012. I was so nervous about how it would turn out. But anxiety turned to joy when I saw the result. The model, photographer and stylist did such a great job. 

My style has changed a lot since then but I still sometimes go back to these pieces, from time to time, for inspiration. 

Photographer: Haydn Gonzalez 
Model: Sommer Olliviere
Stylist: Kyra Barker

- Patricia, Designer and Lead Colour Riot Girl

Monday, June 23, 2014

Colour Inspiration of the Week: The Ndebele Tribe

Vibrant Ndebele Art  

Have you ever heard of the Ndebele tribe? Chances are you've seen elements of their culture in fashion magazines and not even realized it. The women of the Ndebele Tribe in South Africa create the most colorful geometric paintings and bead work. All of the it is done by hand.

Legendary supermodel, Iman, poses in front of an Ndebele
house painting

The Ndebele people first started painting artwork on their homes during the 18th century to communicate with each other. The paintings were a secret code that could not be recognised by the European settlers who were encroaching on their land. What the Europeans saw as non-threatening folk art was actually a subtle means of resistance!

Learn more about the Ndebele people here

New Signature Bangles Now Available From the Colour Riot Store!

Summer's here and so are our signature bangles! 
These bangles don't just add a pop of color to your wardrobe, they add a pop of color to your life. 

Made from a variety of exotic prints, and sold in sets of four, this colorful wrist candy incorporates intricate beading techniques inspired by tribal cultures from around the world. 

Artsy and cool, they take you on that on that boho-chic adventure you've always wanted to be on. 

Get them while they're hot at! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Don't stop believing!

When you're pursuing a creative dream, it's easy to become discouraged and distracted by fear. I know that's happened to me tons of times. I questioned whether I should be pursuing a career as a creative professional and let it stop me from making my art.

But every time I let fear stop me, the pull of wanting to be creative would draw me back in and I would be in my happy place again.

Martin Luther King Jr said faith is taking the first step without seeing the entire staircase. Could you imagine what the world would be like if he had let fear stop him from pursuing his "dream"

In the same way, imagine the world without your gift. If you have the power to add beauty, positivity, and innovation to the world, why hide it?

Today, I want to encourage you to keep going after your dreams. That special glow you get when you're doing something you love is that special spark the world needs to light it up.

Yours in colour,

Designer, Colour Riot Jewelry

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Colour Riot Store is Now Open! Free Shipping til Feb 1

It's been a dream of mine to sell Colour Riot pieces in our own little corner of the web. And now I can. Check out our new online store at To celebrate the launch, I'll be offering free shippping until Feb 1. 

Feel free to stop be sure to leave some feedback on how I can make the customer experience better.

Yours in Colour,