Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blue Pebble Necklace

Materials: White Shell Pendants, Beads

Mood: Simply Bohemian

Model: Kini

Blue Crystal Stream

Materials: Blue Shell Pendants, Jade and Turquoise Beads

Mood: Bohemian Elegance

Model: Kini

Blue Crystal Bouquet

Blue Crystal Bouquet

Materials: glass beads, steel coated nylon thread

Mood: Happy, flirty

Model: Kini

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Isis Necklace

Materials: pieces from jewellery that I wanted to rework, paperclips

Mood: edgy

Isis Necklace

Raindrop Necklace

Materials: Beads, Pearls from an old necklace, paperclips

Mood: Funky Bohemian

Pearl Circle Necklace

Materials: Pearls, hoop from an old hoop earring

Mood: Ethereal