Friday, June 27, 2014

Riot Girl of The Week: Ain Earle

Ain wearing Colour Riot Jewelry
during T&T Carnival 2014

Today, we're starting a new series where we spotlight some of the fabulous women who rock Colour Riot Jewelry. First up, we have Ain Earle from Trinidad and Tobago. 

Who are you in two sentences or less? What makes you, “you”?
Ain wearing custom earrings by
Colour Riot Jewelry

Ain Earle, a strong minded, unique and passionate individual. I'm tourism & hospitality trained and
an avid enthusiast of culinary, culture, fashion and event management

Describe your personal style?

I would say my personal style is whatever I feel comfortable in and makes me stand out, I’m not one to fit into the crowd so I don’t wear many trends but try to add my own touches to pieces to make them unique. I tend to go toward boho-chic sometimes afrocentric pieces that are different to the usual styles - always something that catches my eye.

What's the thing that you're most passionate about right now?

 Well I just started a new job where I am involved in events and marketing which are two things I am very passionate about especially in the field of tourism. So I'm truly grateful for that.

However, one project that some friends (Emma Hiscock and Stephanie Rydle) and I just embarked on is a local fashion market called Racked TT that is happening July 6th at the Verandah Restaurant. 

We created Racked to create awareness of the local talent that we have in the fashion industry. Many designers have such great products but no real avenue for showcasing it and generating sales. We wanted to encourage designers and producers to connect and market their brands to retailers and customers through an engaging avenue. There are many markets hosting food and craft products but none for just fashion. This is what Racked will do!

We also want to encourage emerging designers of both clothing and jewellery/accessories to ensure that their products are of a high standard to and that they are always producing and creating quality products for their clients, both new and return.

What's your mantra for life? What words do you live by?

Carpe Diem and Live, Love, Laugh, Learn!

Anything else you'd like to add?

I consider myself a Colour Riot Girl as I know what I want and I go for it. I can be bold and exciting when needed and that’s how I view the Color Riot brand and product. It’s bold, unique, full of colour and excitement. It compliments my casual/social wear and adds a pop to my work-wear too. I truly appreciate and love these pieces of art (wish I can buy them all )

Tune in next week where we'll be showcasing another Riot Girl on the blog! 

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